ODS (operational deflection shape) and Modal Analysis

In this course, we focus on the dynamic behavior of a mechanical system. The start of this training day is focusing on the definitions and terms related to mechanical dynamic systems e.g. mass, spring, damper, resonance, forces, vibrations… This to easy the understanding during the training.

After scoping the definition of resonance, we put the focus on estimating resonance areas following several practical techniques (bump-test, run-up/coast-down, impacting…). Additionally, several methods in order to solve any resonance-related issues are elucidated and discussed in detail.

The last two sessions are fully focused on the theoretics and practices on Operation Deflection Shape analysis (ODS), Operational and Experimental Modal Analysis (OMA, EMA). Both the mathematics as how to translate this in the industry are discussed and demonstrated. These sessions are closed by showing some industrial examples and practical outcomes.


Sep 27 2022


08:30 - 17:00



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