Condition Based Maintenance is about people!

Condition Based Maintenance is about people! This week, we have visited ‘The CBM + Reliability Connect Live Training Conference Europe 2020. And we have learned! In one of the first post corona conferences we have met passionate and knowledgeable people. These people will ensure a reliable future! We’ve especially learned that Condition Based Maintenance is not […]

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget!

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget! What are the ingredients for a successful training: An enthusiastic and engaged audience A pleasant atmosphere Profound questions and discussion Both students and teachers have the feeling that they have gained better insights A well-deserved closing drink. We’ve had it all in our latest BEMAS training: Condition […]

Research on structural dynamics!

We support innovative research projects! We enthusiastically support academic research projects in several Flemish universities. In the TETRA-project OPTIFLEX (Ghent University, University of Antwerp, KU Leuven), we partially focus on solving structural dynamic problems excited by electromechanical drivetrains. As we often come across structural resonances and flexibilities, we are experienced in finding and implementing the […]

Ready? Set? Go!

We are always ready to come your way! Having a critical machine in operation with a doubtful reliability can be very stressful! At any time, we diagnose your machine to check its current condition and predict the evolution of this condition in the near future. We detect damaged components, disturbing influences and link them with […]

The secret ingredient… didactic material!

The secret ingredient… didactic material! To get a grip on theoretics, we sometimes need to roll up our sleeves and literally get a grip on it. In our courses, we try to make the lectures as practical as possible by including lots of didactic material! From new machines to failed machines, from new bearings to […]

To fail or not to fail?

To fail or not to fail? That’s the question! Detecting a damaged component in an electric machines doesn’t mean that it will fail immediately, soon or even within a few years! In this perspective, we try to distinguish between indirect failures, direct failures and the path in between. This path we call the failure mechanism […]

Listen to our network!

Ssshhht… We try to listen to our valuable network! On the question “What is the most valuable information to obtain after the detection of a bearing failure in your rotating equipment?“, our network answered as following. They tend to focus on how long the machine will still be running reliable instead of focusing on its […]

Watch out! Crime scene investigation!

Watch out! Bearing crime scene investigation going on… We love detecting failure modes in rotating machinery, sure we do! However, nothing is more satisfying than avoiding a failure mode to reoccur after catching it. One of the key elements in a Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) is investigating the failed machine components. Regarding bearing analysis, we have an […]

Earthing and grounding? Keep ’em apart!

Grounding and earthing? Keep ’em apart! Earthing and grounding seem to be equivalent. However, there are some major differences. One example: earthing is focusing on safety whilst grounding is related to functionality and reliability. If the latter is not well respected and applied, winding degradation and bearing damage are common failure modes through shaft currents. […]

We still use an old-school blackboard!

Doing some new stuff with some old stuff… Although our business is all applying brand new techologies, we are still a huge fan of blackboard discussions.  Unreadible and difficult to decipher? Of course!  Insightful and elucidating for us? Yes! More research projects