ORBITS is passionate about electromechanical engineering and rotating machinery. Backed up by thorough electrical and mechanical expertise, we are specialists in monitoring and analyzing your rotating equipment with the latest technology. We are world-class experienced in troubleshooting and machinery fault diagnosis by both Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) and vibration analysis. By combining state-of-the-art technologies, common sense and a knowledge driven professional mindset, we identify and characterize any root cause problems or threats that can affect the uptime of your critical machinery.


ORBITS ensures a thorough transition of knowledge on a very broad range of topics related to both electrical and mechanical engineering with a special focus on digital signal processing, condition monitoring, root cause failure analysis, MCSA and vibration analysis. This on the appropriate levels with an industrial and academic approach.


ORBITS can provide advanced advice in both the development of your machine and the exploitation of these electrical and mechanical systems. This high-level and fundamental expertise easily results in the ultimate maintenance strategy: avoiding and anticipating the failure modes and effects of your critical rotating machinery.


With lots of industrial experience, ORBITS is very skilled in setting up high-end diagnostic measurements on a very broad range of machinery (from Watts till Mega Watts). Combining the electrical ánd mechanical measurements ensures us to find the root cause of any (re)occurring problem. All of this to increase the uptime of your plant.