ORBITS provides three main services: training, consulting and measuring. As ORBITS is a fully independent company, all advises and training are provided with ensured neutrality and objective approach. The main focus of our services is on condition monitoring based on vibration measurements and/or stator current analysis (MCSA). Our professional approach in conducting experiments and industrial measurements will optimally scope a broad range of possible phenomena complemented with an academic analysis shaped in an accessible and high-quality report.


Due to years of experience in teaching, coaching and training to the industry and within the academic engineering program of Ghent University, both Bram Vervisch and Bram Corne ensure a thorough transition of knowledge on several levels with a founded industrial and academic perspective. The main topics which can instantaneously be covered in both theoretical lectures and practical workshops are (unlimited): Data analysis, Measurement techniques and errors, Signal processing techniques, General application of condition monitoring, Vibration analysis, Modal/ODS analysis, Finite element analysis, Motor Current Signature Analysis, The fundaments of electrical and mechanical systems, Electrical and mechanical system characterization, Advanced rotating systems, Conducting valid experiments, Balancing and aligning rotating systems, Root cause failure analysis, Online measurement techniques, Remote monitoring, Journal bearing applications...

Lecturing other topics within the broader domain of electrics, mechanics and rotating systems can always be discussed.


ORBITS can provide advice in both the development and the exploitation of electrical/ mechanical systems. The experience in applying e.g. finite element analysis, analytical modeling, multi domain modeling using software packages such as Matlab (Octave), Labview, Siemens NX, Cedrat Flux 2D and Simulink is significant. Thereby, we assist you within the development of any mechanical and electrical system, with the special focus on rotating systems. All this in order to avoid operational issues related to dimensional mismatches or neglecting influential phenomena.

Next to the development-stage, we are very well experienced in performing root cause failure analysis on prematurely failed machines or other disturbing phenomena within the todays industrial applications. With this specific feedback on the machine's failure modes and effects towards the stage of operation/development, optimizing the uptime of the installed machinery is our common goal.


With lots of experience, ORBITS is skilled in setting up high-end measurements on a very broad range of machinery (from Watts till Mega Watts and ball/roller bearigns to journal bearings). Together with the plant operator, the measurement topology and strategy is discussed in order to acquire the full characteristic behavior of the machinery. As we are ISO 18436 Cat. III & Cat. IV certified vibration experts by Mobius Institute, we ensure a correct and accurate approach of every case out of an academic and industrial perspective. The harmony between the electrical and mechanical measurements using both Motor Current Signature Analysis and vibration analysis ensures that the root cause of each (re)occurring problem/threat can be found with great success.

After conducting measurements, an in depth analysis is performed on the specific demand of the indicated problem together with an overall analysis in order to exclude any collateral influences. Every measurement campaign leads to a trustworthy report with focus on visual comprehensibility and straightforward interpretation of the results.

For the more critical machinery, we offer high-end online remote monitoring setups, custom made for the specific application/environment. This from measurement till report generation with the key focus on redundancy, effectiveness and reliability.